We offer the unconditional guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, we will be more than happy to replace the item or refund the purchase price in full.


Our price list contains many of the more popular items that we produce; however, it represents only a fraction of the thousands of customized insignia jewelry items we have produced. All standard uniform insignia are precision cast to regulation size and are solid gold (or silver) as compared to the standard issue insignia which are stamped to shape out of thin sheet brass and plated.  Our prices reflect the quality and the intrinsic value of our products.  As an example, a full size set of Naval Aviator wings contains over one third of an ounce of gold.  Other manufacturers make insignia out of precious metals, but we believe our insignia to be the heaviest and most accurately detailed available.  Jewelry items may be created with any size insignia desired.  Many examples of custom insignia products are shown throughout this website.  It is this variability that makes it difficult to publish prices for all possible combinations; however, we at Crisalli assure you, our customers, of the most competitive prices possible.  We pride ourselves on being able to provide custom jewelry at non-custom prices.  Please email us at to obtain a fast and courteous quote on your custom creation.

Top to Bottom: Full Size, Miniature, Tie Tack Size

Top to Bottom: Full Blouse Size, Shirt Size


Delivery for most standard insignia and jewelry items will be within four weeks of your order.  If you need an item more quickly, we can often get an order out within a few days.  Custom sizes or unusual orders may take somewhat longer.  We charge $10.00 shipping and handling for second day service and $20.00 for Next Day.  We ship by UPS or FedEx, based on your preference.


State sales tax is added to orders shipped to California addresses at a rate of about 8%. (For those of you who live in California, the tax rate is different in each county and we will charge the going rate.)


Quotation for any custom insignia or insignia jewelry products not shown on this website may be obtained by emailing us at  Please do not hesitate to contact us. If you prefer to speak to us by phone, include your phone number and your availability in the email and we will give you a return call.


Email us at In the email, please:

  • Specify an insignia by branch of service and warfare specialty (i.e. Navy Submariner, Air Force Command Pilot, Marine Corp Master Jump Wings, etc.). 

  • Specify an insignia size (i.e. full size, miniature, blouse, shirt, etc.).

  • Specify an insignia product (i.e. regulation insignia, tie tack, pin, bracelet, etc.).

  • Specify appropriate ring size or necklace chain length as required.

  • Specify which precious metal you prefer.

Please do not include your credit card number in any e-mail to us as this is not yet a secure website.  Web ordering capability on a secure site is planned for the future.

If you need assistance or have questions, we're available to help. Just drop us an email and we'll get back to you directly.


Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you to confirm your order, quote a delivery date, and arrange for your payment.  Payment may be made by Check, Money Order, Master Card or Visa. Credit cards will not be posted until your order has been completed. Please make checks and money orders out to "Crisalli".

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